Friday, July 10, 2009

Netting the News - Issy Press Reporter Chris Huber

Issaquah Youth Lacrosse has received a lot of press this season. This has a lot to do with the incredible growth of the sport in the Northwest and especially in your IYL organization. It also has a lot to do with great reporting by local writers such as Kevin Endejan (Issy & Samm Reporter) and Christopher Huber ( Issy Press & Samm Review).

Your IYL webguy thought it would be interesting to interview the interviewers and take a peek behind the curtain and see what these journalists think about the explosion of LAX in their community and how they approach covering it.

I first caught up with Issy Press' Chris Huber at the Sammamish Shoot-Out where he was covering the Summers hottest cool LAX event - Chris was working the Boys HS Grand Championship match between the ILC's upperclassmen entry, the Issy2010, and underclassmen Sonic team. Check out the shot of Chris capturing the photo that became the lead image in Issaquah Press coverage alongside the featured shot (Photo courtesy of the Issaquah Press).

Chris has inked a lot of the local coverage of youth lacrosse this season and I asked him about increasing attention Issy Press is giving our favorite sport. Chris' response tells the story - "As a young sports reporter and photographer, I had not thought much about covering youth lacrosse as one of the mainstream sports, like football, baseball or track, but after making some connections within the local youth leagues, I began to appreciate the competitiveness, commitment and organization of lacrosse. " He goes on to comment on the explosive growth of lacrosse in the region - "As football and the other major school-sanctioned sports are something we've always covered and are such an integral part of the community, lacrosse quickly became one of the sports I payed more attention to, due to its increasing popularity here."

When asked about shooting lacrosse he responded, "As I learned more about the sport that helped me develop an eye for the action. I still have a tough time shooting lacrosse, partly because the IYL has reliable, more lacrosse-savvy photographers who provide the Review and Press with great images, and partly because it takes a lot of shooting to get good at such a fast-paced sport." Chris goes on to say "That's the fun of it, it poses a challenge that all sports photographers need and seek out: how to anticipate the next move, the decisive moment. Once I know lacrosse like football, I think it will be just as fun to shoot and report on."

Chris Huber concludes, " It's definitely a sport I and the papers I work for like to cover."

Music to our ears Chris!!!

You can see more of Christopher Huber's work on his personal website - check it out!

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