Thursday, March 26, 2009

Week Three- IYL Weekly Roundup

Week three brought families and fans more great lacrosse! Here is the weekly IYL round-up:

IYL Scoreboard

Senior Boys 7/8 Games

Issy Sr. Gold 3, Maple Valley Sr. Blue 6
Issy Sr. Silver 8, Mercer Island Sr. Black 18
Issy Sr. Navy 6, Mercer Island Sr. White 4
Issy Sr. White 3, Issy Sr. Blue 5

Junior Boys 5/6 Games

Issy Jr. Gold 12, Maple Valley Jr. White 7
Issy Jr. Silver 5, Mercer Island Jr. White 6
Issy Jr. Navy 11, Northshore Jr. East 5
Issy Jr. Blue 7, Redmond Jr. Green 5
Issy Jr. White 8, Eastlake Jr. Cardinal 9

Senior Girls 7/8 Game

Issy Sr. Girls 15, Bainbridge Sr. Girls Blue 12

Junior Girls 5/6 Game

Issy Jr. Girls 15, Queen Anne Jr. Girls 2

IYL Week Three Playmakers

Senior Boys 7/8

Ground Balls
8 - Lancaster, Sr. Gold
8 - Radcliffe, Sr. Navy
7 - Riley, Sr. Navy
6 - Allard, Sr. Gold
6 - Hahn, Sr. Gold

4 - Gardner, Sr. Silver
4 - Bean, Sr. White
3 - Riley, Sr. Navy
2 ea - DeYoung (Gold), Mauzy (Silver), Radcliffe (Navy), Nelson (Blue), Egland (Blue)

2 - Cowin, Sr. Navy
2 - Thomas, Sr. White
1 ea - Lee (Gold), Mauzy (Silver), Pelluer (Silver), Bean (White)

5 - Bean, Sr. White
4 - Gardner, Sr. Silver
3 - Mauzy, Sr. Silver
3 - Cowin, Sr. Navy

Junior Boys 5/6

Ground Balls
16 - Bucy, Jr. Navy
13 - Greenhall, Jr. Navy
10 - Eckel, Jr. Gold
9 - Colter, Jr. gold
8 ea - Evezich (Silver), Webb (Navy), Jerue (White)

6 - Colter, Jr. Gold
5 - Greenhall, Jr. Navy
3 ea - Klansnic (Navy), Hoffman (Blue), Giannopulos (White)

3 - Klansnic, Jr. Navy
2 - Colter, Jr. Gold
2 ea - Eckel, (Gold), Kurtenbach (Navy), Minnoch (Navy)

8 - Colter, Jr. Gold
6 - Greenhall, Jr. Navy
6 - Klansnic, Jr. Navy
4 - Eckel, Jr. Gold
4 - Hoffman, Jr. Blue

Senior Girls 7/8

Ground Balls
9 - Marber
4 - Bucy
3 - Mincin, E

5 - Mincin, H
4 - Lipetz
2 ea - Bucy, Mincin, E, Voss

6 - Mincin, H
4 - Mincin, E
4 - Lipetz

Junior Girls 5/6

Ground Balls
15 - Banks
10 - Forman
10 - Rogers
8 ea - Corscadden, Cusak, Hepperle

3 - Emerson
2 ea- Forman, Corscadden, Banks, Cusak

1 - Banks

3 - Emerson
3 - Banks

Issaquah Press IYL Photo Gallery

This week the Issaquah Press debuted the IYL Photo Gallery. We will work with the Press to bring you game highlights every week so check back often and be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their support of Issaquah youth sports.
Ready to check it out? Click on the post title and enjoy.

Monday, March 23, 2009

IYL Game Media and Stats Initiatives

We have just completed week #3 of the Spring season. While the weather continues to deliver wintry game-day conditions our players are delivering some great spring play on the fields. It has been equally gratifying to see all the parents & dedicated lacrosse fans bundled, huddled and cheering on our teams. Youth sports can best help our kids and our families when they are truly family events. For our early season fans who have often been forced to the local Starbucks to weather out especially tough conditions the IYL media team plans to have an IYL Game Media site up soon - watch for links here and on our IYL Home Site.

Game day photos are a great way to share the lacrosse experience and so are game day stats. IYL has introduced an initiative this season to capture key game statistics and report these out to our local and regional press. This is important for several reasons. First and foremost it is important for our players. It is very rewarding and motivating to see their hard work and dedication recognized in print. It also creates a sense of community around our players, teams and league. This exposure creates excitement about lacrosse and supports our efforts to promote the sport and to promote community investment in new and upgraded playing fields that benefit all youth athletics.

Here is a sample of the game stats we are providing the local media:

Issaquah Sr. Gold 10, Redmond Sr. Green 6
Gold 1-3-2-4 Final 10
Green 0-2-2-2 Final 6

Gold Player Shots Goals Assists Ground balls
Smith 9 3 1 1
Singh 1 1 1 2
Coburn 2 0 0 3
Lancaster 1 1 1 7
Brown 0 0 1 9
DeYoung 12 5 2 7
Leese 0 0 0 5
Rosen 3 0 0 3
Curtis 0 0 0 3
Farrington 0 0 0 1
Lee 1 0 0 3
Drorbaugh 0 0 0 1
Allard 0 0 1 2
Hahn 0 0 1 3
Undi 0 0 0 4

Watch the Issaquah Press, Sammamish Review, and the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporters for IYL lacrosse news, stats & game photos.

We are also introducing two new stats features with launch of the IYL Blog. Every week you will find the league game-day summary and a weekly Playmakers list. Lacrosse is truly a team sport and every player contributes. Through the weekly Playmakers feature we will also call out individual achievement on the field. It is a goal of our IYL volunteer coaches to have as many of our players appear on this list throughout the season as possible.

Remember - these are just tools that help enrich the program experience. Parents are the most important part of IYL youth lacrosse through supporting their young players, acknowledging individual success, maintaining motivation , providing guidance and perspective, and those impotant post-game kudos.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Week Two - IYL Weekly Roundup

Week two brought a lot of great lacrosse to parents & fans as our players began to settle into the season and the early practice started to show on the field. Here is the weekly IYL round-up:

IYL Scoreboard

Senior 7/8 Games

Issaquah Sr. Gold 4, Kirkland Sr. Black 2
Issaquah Sr. Silver 9, Eastlake Sr Cardinals 10 OT
Issaquah Sr. Navy 11, Eastlake Sr. Green 1
Issaquah Sr. White 6, Mercer Island Sr Maroon 8
Issaquah Sr. Blue 4, Overlake Sr. White 9

Junior 5/6 Games

Issaquah Jr. Gold 15, Bellevue Jr. Gold 7
Issaquah Jr. Silver 8, Eastlake Jr. Green 6
Issaquah Jr. Navy 7, Maple Valley Jr. Black 3
Issaquah Jr. Blue 10, Eastlake Jr. Red 6
Issaquah Jr. White 3, Bellevue Jr. Blue 4

IYL Week Two Playmakers

Senior 7/8 Players

Ground Balls
9 - Cowin, Sr. Navy
9 - Radcliffe, Sr. Navy
8 - Lancaster, Sr. Gold
8 - Riley, Sr. Gold
7 - Rosen, Sr. Gold

4 - Bean, Sr. White
4 - Benz, Sr. Silver
3 - Jarvis, Sr. Blue
3 - Riley, Sr. Navy
3 - Radcliffe, Sr. Navy
3 - Pelluer, Sr. Silver


3 - Mauzy, Sr. Silver
2 - Cowin, Sr. Navy
2 - Thomas, Sr. White


5 - Bean, Sr. White
4 - Benz, Sr. Silver
4 - Mauzy, Sr. Silver
4 - Jarvis, Sr. Blue
4 - Riley, Sr. Navy
4 - Radcliffe, Sr. Navy
4 - Pelluer, Sr. Silver

Junior 5/6 Players

Ground Balls
10 - Greenhall, Jr. Navy
10 - Giannopulos, Jr. White
9 - Egland, Jr. Gold
9 - Bucy, Jr. Navy
7 - Webb, Jr. Navy


6 - Colter, Jr. Gold
5 - Eckel, Jr. Gold
4 - Greenhall, Jr. Navy
2 - Klansnic, Jr. Navy
2 - Giannopulos, Jr. White


3 - Eckel, Jr. gold
2 - Kurtenbach, Jr. Navy
2 - Greenhall, Jr. Navy


8 - Eckel, Jr. Gold
7 - Colter, Jr. Gold
6 - Greenhall, Jr. Navy
3 - Klansnic, Jr. Navy
3 - Kurtenbach, Jr. Navy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wild weather | Take care of your gear!

Taking proper care of your lacrosse tools is an essential part of the game. This is especially true when the weather is bad and you've played on wet grass. Here are some basic tips for keeping your gear game-ready:

Crosse: it is very important to keep the mesh clean and to dry it properly after foul-weather play. If the mesh is dirty rinse it to remove all the dirt and grit. It is ok to use a mild fabric detergent if necessary and then rinse well to remove soapy residue. Then air dry with the stick flat and pocket facing down. You can either place wadded paper towels in the pocket to maintain shape and absorb water or use a ball secured with a screwdriver placed under the sidewalls to prevent the mesh from tightening up as it dries.

Pads: normally you can simply air-dry on a hanger after foul-weather play. As the weather warms up & with weekly practices and game play your pads can absorb a lot of perspiration and start to smell pretty rank. Most pads can be washed in the washer on cold or in the sink and air dried. If necessary - use Febreze; it will effectively remove most of the odor.

Gloves: pay close attention to your gloves to maintain the materials and their flexibility. If they are wet from foul-weather play, air dry promptly. If they are muddy then rinse well using a mild fabric detergent if necessary, stuff with paper towels and air dry. You may have to change out the paper towels a few times. Like pads, gloves can collect odors - use Febreze if necessary after washing. While some gloves can go into the washing machine with your pads it is best to check the manufacturers recommendations. Some leather gloves are better cleaned using Wilsons Leather Cleaner or a similar product.

Shoes: clean after play on wet grass and air dry. If just wet, simply air dry. Some players stuff the wet shoes with paper towels, some invert over heater vents and others use cedar shoe-trees. All work but the key is to make sure you clean and dry after play. When the odors become too much use a shoe deodorizer like Tectron. Periodic cleaning with a good leather cleaner followed by a leather treatment will help in maintaining flexibility and water repellency.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week One - Great lacrosse, wild weather

The opening week of IYL lacrosse delivered some amazing play and four seasons of weather in one day.
After weeks of player prep getting ready for game day the results did not disappoint. Beginning with week two we will highlight players across the league who had outstanding games and made significant contributions to their teams game day.
Game day photos will be available soon via links from this blog - watch the links list.