Friday, July 9, 2010

The Reporter Newspapers Feature Spread on 5th Annual SSO!

This weeks Sammamish Reporter features a great spread on the 5th Annual Sammamish Shoot-Out in the printed edition and a pic of the Senior Division Championship Game with Issaquah Gold player Josh Bean shooting on goal in the online article.

Make sure you pick up a copy of this weeks Sammamish and Issaquah Reporter newspapers for the full story!

Issaquah Press & Sammamish Review Cover SSO!

The Sammamish Review features reporter Christopher Huber's photos & story on the 5th Annual Sammamish Shoot-Out. Check it out online and pick up your copy of the Review this week!

The article which features Katie Mincin of team IssMish, the Girls HS Championship upperclasswomen winner also appears in this weeks Issaquah Press.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The 5th Annual Sammamish Shoot-Out Results

The 5th Annual Sammamish Shoot-Out

Saturday July 3, 2010

Division Championship Matches & Winners

Girls Divisions

Lightning 3/4: MI-5 - 7, Thunder Stix 2
MI-5: Maeve Akins, Claire Underwood, Tessa Guerra, Allie Myers, Sophie Finch

Seniors 7/8: Triple Shot 10, Scorin' Hippies 3
Triple Shot: Megan Davis, Madison Bahner, Hanna Dalrymple, Kayla Petz, Hailey Nyquist

HS Underclasswomen 9/10: Furious Five 6, Left Coast Ladies 5
Furious 5: Claire Monsaas, Meg Chapman, Katelyn Chirichigno, Anna Bernard, Sierra Nolan

HS Upperclasswomen 11/12: IssNish 5, Dangerousss Dragonsss 4
IssNish: Katie Mincin, Emily Mincin, Haley Mincin, Robin Ringman, Meagan Hess

Boys Divisions

Lightning 3/4: Golden Stix 12, Outlaws 7
Golden Stix: Blake Lees, Erik Lindon, Nathan Brandt, Joey Matte, Will Carson

Juniors 5/6: Plateau Legend 9, Stix 5
Plateau Legend: Bennett Lees, Spence Boyer, Sam Taffe, Brandon Soldano, PJ Cox

Seniors 7/8: Issaquah Gold 8, Buckeyes 6
Issaquah Gold: Josh Bean, Spencer Noonan, Chris Egland, Julian Ritchie, Michael Cowin

HS Underclassmen 9/10: Prophesy 13, Doom-Shrooms 6
Prophesy: Ben Director, O'Neil Hughes, Jack Pruitt, Austin Richer, Kole Lindor

HS Upperclassmen 11/12: Bubbles 9, ECO Lax 4
Bubbles: Jake Fritz, Matt O'Neil, Sam Leggett, Tyler Lucas (James Lucas, CFO)

HS Champion (Underclass v Upperclass): Prophesy 9, Bubbles 8 (OT)

Press Writers Choice - Coolest Team Names

Girls: Purple Santa Squishing Ninjas
Runners Up: Chix 'n Stix, Scorin' Hippies, Dangerousss Dragonsss

Boys: Chill Laxin
Runners Up: Doom-Shrooms, Bubbles, Gorillaz

Press Photographers Choice - Coolest Team Jerseys

Girls: Tie Dyed Terminators
Runner up: IssNish

Boys: Bubbles
Runner Up: Bepser

Friday, July 2, 2010

5th Annual Sammamish Shoot-Out 3V3 Lax July 3rd!

Lightning fast 3v3 lacrosse action comes to Sammamish this weekend as the annual Sammamish Shoot-Out gets underway on the grass fields at Pine Lake Middle School. Teams from WA, OR and BC compete in 4 girls divisions and 5 boys divisions starting with 3/4 grade through 11/12 High School JV & Varsity stars. Play begins at 9:00 AM and runs through the championship matches at 4:00 PM.

Never watched 3v3 Chumash lax before? Spectators welcome & you can learn more on the Sammamish Shoot-Out blog site.

The Sammamish Reporter features the Shoot-Out in this weeks issue of regional sports happenings. Check it out and check into the action this Saturday!!