Thursday, April 30, 2009

IYL Week 7 Gallery Live on Issaquah Press Online

Convergence takes on a whole new meaning in Lacrosse! Find the ball and almost 40 other great game-day photos in the new Issaquah Press IYL Photo Gallery.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Josh Bean Scores as Long-Stick Attack - Today's Reporter Photo

Issaquah White pushed ahead early in Saturday's game v Eastlake Green and the Coaches took advantage of the opportunity to get creative with player positions. As a result goalie Ty Anderton collected his first offensive point playing attack on an assist to Chad Klansnic and Josh Bean can be found illustrating the Sammamish Reporter's Lacrosse Scoreboard firing a scoring shot on goal with a long-stick.
I cannot mention Ty's assist without a tip of the hat to Eliot Van Horne who stepped into goal for the first time ever and preserved the shutout win over Eastlake.
Pick up a copy of the Sammamish Reporter today and check out the LAX Scoreboard for this weeks stats summary!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sammamish Shoot-Out 2009 - Mark Your Calendar!!

The Sammamish Shoot-Out 2009 is coming to the Pacific Northwest on Friday, 3rd July!! Mark your calendars, build your team, claim your name and start thinking Chumash. Check the Sammamish Shoot-Out web site in May for breaking news on this years Not-2-Miss lacrosse event.

Last year men's and women's teams grades 3/4 through HS Upperclassmen from all around the Puget Sound, Portland Metro, Spokane, and Vancouver converged on Pine Lake Middle School's 9 grass Chumash fields for an incredible action-packed day of 3v3 excitement.

Plan now and plan not to miss!!!

IYL Annual Family BBQ & Picture Day

Our annual IYL Family BBQ and team Picture Day is almost upon us! Rain, snow or shine the much anticipated event will be Saturday, 2nd May at Pine Lake Middle School. The party starts at 11:30 and runs until 3:30. All IYL teams - players and families - are invited and the BBq is free!

Here is what to bring:

  • You and your Family

  • Your uniform (wear it!) and your stick

  • A food item to share (see below)

  • Your picture package (ask your team manager)

  • Donations of extra reversible pennies & gear for IYL to recycle back into the program

Here is the Food2Share guide:

  • A ~ L: Desert

  • M ~ S: Fruit

  • T ~ Z: Salad

Volunteers are needed, cherished and deeply appreciated!!

Check the team picture schedule & get more info on the IYL Web Site

This is a fantastic event and chance to meet the IYL Community - come on out!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IYL Week 6 Gallery live on Issaquah Press Online!

Check out all the high-flying action from week 6 IYL play on the Issaquah Press online gallery!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Improve Beaver Lake Park Ballfields - take the survey!

The City of Sammamish is underway with a master planning process for Beaver Lake Park to set the priorities for future park improvements. One of the key improvements under consideration is upgrading the existing grass baseball fields to improved all-weather multi-use turf fields that would allow for lacrosse, soccer and football in addition to baseball. The addition of lights is also under consideration in conjunction with the field upgrades.

These improvements could significantly extend the usable season and playable hours for the park without impacting the nature trails, beach access and OLA for pet owners. The extended wet & wild spring we are enjoying this year has forced the cancellation of numerous lacrosse practices and games due to the poor conditions of the available grass fields. Adding two all-season multi-use fields would be a huge benefit for our community and kids.

Now is the time for you to have a voice! Please visit the City of Sammamish project webpage, take the online public survey and make your voice heard. Encourage the Parks Department, city leaders and project planners to include ballfield upgrades with turf surface improvements, multi-use layouts and lighting. You can help your children and future children have a great sporting experience with a few mouse clicks and a little keyboard exercise!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Girls Lacrosse featured in Sammamish Review & Issaquah Press

Girls lacrosse is exploding on the plateau and Sammamish Review reporter Christopher Huber posted a feature on ladies LAX in this week's Sammamish Review. The article is illustrated by two great photos from IYL photographer Jim Boyle and features Sammamish players Shelby Marber, Maddie Wiley and Lexi Hall.
The story also ran on the front page of the Issaquah Press sports section featuring a photo of Sydney Lee scoring a goal in their big game with Eastside Catholic.

You can check out the article in the Sammamish Review Online - and the Issaquah Press Online editions - be sure to click and comment!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Issaquah JV Game Photos on Issaquah Press Gallery

This weeks Lacrosse photo gallery on the Issaquah Press web site showcases last weeks game against Mukilteo HS JV. Check it out!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Issaquah JV takes on Mukilteo @ Skyline HS

This last Friday gave our youth players a chance to watch the undefeated Issaquah JV take on Mukilteo in an early evening game played at Skyline High School stadium. Many of our youth 7/8 players aspire to make the Issaquah & Skyline JV team and this was a perfect opportunity to see how the game is played at the next level. IYL 7/8 players turned out in numbers and the Issy JV did not disappoint - rolling to a 10-2 win over Mukilteo.

If you have not attended a JV or Varsity game yet this season then you need to shut down the X-Box and start attending the Eagles & Spartans home games. Watching HS play live and NCAA play on the tube is essential lacrosse education; do it and you will improve your game.

The weather is improving and there are some exciting HS JV & Varsity home games coming up - print out their schedules and tape to the fridge!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Navy Defenseman Elliot Welnak put the D in the paper

This weeks Issaquah Reporter features a color shot of Issy Navy Sr defenseman Elliot Welnak as the Reporter Lacrosse Scoreboard spot photo. Pick up a copy of the Reporter today and check out their LAX scoreboard. Better yet, drop the Reporter a note on their web site and tell them how much you appreciate their coverage of Issaquah Youth Lacrosse....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Issaquah Press IYL Photo Gallery

The second installment of our popular IYL Photo Gallery is up and live on the Issaquah Press web edition. Be sure to check it out!

Week Four - IYL Weekly Roundup

Week Four brought players & fans another weekend of aquatic lacrosse. Happily, in addition to all the rain, it was raining wins for our IYL teams. IYL Boys combined (Jr/Sr) finished game-day with 7 wins/2 losses for a season record of 27/12 . The IYL Girls combined finished game-day 2/0 for a still undefeated 4/0 record!



IYL Scoreboard

Senior Boys 7/8 Games

Issy Sr. Silver 8, Maple Valley Sr. Blue 5

Issy Sr. Navy 8, Bellevue Sr Gold 5

Issy Sr. White 4, Bellevue Sr. White 3

Issy Sr. Blue 11, Sammamish Sr. Black 7

Junior Boys 5/6 Games

Issy Jr. Silver 12, Bellevue Jr. Blue 1

Issy Jr. Navy 12, Issy Jr. Gold 9

Issy Jr. Blue 10, Sammamish Jr. Black 2

Issy Jr. White 4, Maple Valley Jr. White 7

Senior Girls 7/8 Game

Issy Sr. Girls 10, Lakeside Sr. Girls 7

Junior Girls 5/6 Game

Issy Jr. Girls 15, Bellevue Jr. Girls 3

IYL Week Three Playmakers

Senior Boys 7/8

Ground Balls

11 - Radcliffe, Navy

10 - Riley, Navy

9 - Nelson, Blue

8 - Jarvis, Blue

7 ea - Lockard (Silver), Welnak (Navy), O'Donnell (Navy)


4 - Bean, White

4 - Gardner, Silver

3 - Jarvis, Blue

3 - Benz, Silver

2 ea - Mauzy (Silver), Cowin (Navy), DeWeirdt (Navy), Plastina (blue), Hutchinson (Blue)


2 - Gardner, Silver

2 - Egland, Blue


6 - Gardner, Silver

4 ea - Bean (White), Benz (Silver), Jarvis (Blue)

Junior Boys 5/6

Ground Balls

15 - McCune, White

13 - Webb, Navy

12 - Kurtenbach, Navy

12 - Colter, Gold

11 - Greenhall, Navy


5 - Colter, Gold

4 ea - Evezich (Silver), Brandt (Navy), Melton (White)

3 ea - Harris (Silver), Klansnic (Navy), Kurtenbach (Navy), O'Reilly (Blue)

Senior Girls 7/8

Ground Balls

8 - Marber, J

5 ea - Boyer; Evans; Marber, S


6 - Mincin, H

2 - Bucy


1 - Mincin, E


6 - Mincin, H

2 ea - Bucy; Mincin, E

Junior Girls

Ground Balls

8 - Hepperle

8 - Emerson

7 - McMahan

5 - Corscadden


6 - Emerson

3 - Corscadden

2 ea - Banks, Cusak


6 - Emerson

3 - Corscadden

2 ea - Banks, Cusak

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top 10 Tips for Attackmen is a great site for guidance and advice on playing better lacrosse. One great section is their 34 Tips for Attackmen. Here are my top 10:

  • Make your defense man play you and you alone every second you are in the game.

  • When you have the ball, never stand still - keep moving all the time.

  • Always move to meet every pass, and circle away from your defense man.

  • When you have the ball, be constantly faking passes - keep your defense man's stick moving.

  • Never try to force in, with the ball or by a pass, if the defense is drawn in. Pull them out first.

  • Never stand so close together that one man can cover two attack men.

  • Always have oneman behind the goal to back up shots.

  • Make full cuts - go through and out - don't cut at half speed or hand around the crease after your cut.

  • All feed passes should be thrown directly overhand - not sidearm.

  • When you lose the ball, ride it. The close attack must ride and ride hard until the ball is past midfield.

Check out LaxTips for the other 24 tips for attack!