Thursday, April 16, 2009

Improve Beaver Lake Park Ballfields - take the survey!

The City of Sammamish is underway with a master planning process for Beaver Lake Park to set the priorities for future park improvements. One of the key improvements under consideration is upgrading the existing grass baseball fields to improved all-weather multi-use turf fields that would allow for lacrosse, soccer and football in addition to baseball. The addition of lights is also under consideration in conjunction with the field upgrades.

These improvements could significantly extend the usable season and playable hours for the park without impacting the nature trails, beach access and OLA for pet owners. The extended wet & wild spring we are enjoying this year has forced the cancellation of numerous lacrosse practices and games due to the poor conditions of the available grass fields. Adding two all-season multi-use fields would be a huge benefit for our community and kids.

Now is the time for you to have a voice! Please visit the City of Sammamish project webpage, take the online public survey and make your voice heard. Encourage the Parks Department, city leaders and project planners to include ballfield upgrades with turf surface improvements, multi-use layouts and lighting. You can help your children and future children have a great sporting experience with a few mouse clicks and a little keyboard exercise!

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