Sunday, July 19, 2009

Action Requested for 2 All-Weather Turf Fields @ Highlands!

Immediate action requested for 2 All-Weather Turf fields in the Highlands.

Lacrosse is an all-weather sport!

Please Send an Email to the Issaquah City Council encouraging them to move forward with the 2nd turf field.

Detail of the situation are below, but here is the short story:

• Bids are in and they are ready to award Contracts!

• They are short approximately $166,000 for the 2nd field.

• They will be asking for the council to approve using monies from the Park Bond to make up the short fall. This is NOT the general fund. It is Park Bond money already set aside for parks

• Money for the 2nd Turf field comes from Grants and Donations, Including the Issaquah Soccer Club Pledge of $100,000 which will be presented on Monday night to council.

The Time is NOW, the opportunity is GREAT! Act Now!

City Council Meeting
Monday, July 20th at 7:30 p.m.
City Hall South Council Chambers (building across the street from the Police Station)

Located at 135 E. Sunset Way

More Info on this:

• Park Bond passed in 2005

• City Council Approved setting aside monies for the development of All Weather Sports Fields on Central Park Pad 3

• The original budgeting and planning came up with One artificial Turf Field and the ground work set for the second using Grants and donations

• The City Planned and put out to bid one artificial turf field with alternate pricing on the second field

• Bids were received and came in lower than expected putting us only $166,000 from a second Turf Field!!!

Mondays council meeting will be a chance for use to persuade the council into using additional monies for the 2005 Park Bond to cover this shortfallWe are so close to having 2 new fields in the city, and they are lighted turf that we can use year round! It is likely that prices will rise and the grant monies go away if we do not get this done NOW

You do not need to be a Issaquah resident to send this e-mail!!! The Issaquah School District has citizens involved in sports using fields in surrounding areas, these fields affect us all!

Please use this link Issaquah City Council and email the council now to let them know you support these fields.Pass this message onto your neighbors, Friends and fellow sports fanatics!

Your voice counts!! Thank you for your continued support of Issaquah & Sammamish Youth Sports!!!

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