Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 Boys Senior Team Rosters

The season is about ready to start. We're just about done with the rosters for all divisions. Here's the status:
  • Boys Seniors: Your coach will be sending you an email with practice schedules and other important details. All teams will practice Monday February 28.
  • Boys Juniors: Rosters will be posted here in the blog by Monday or Tuesday. All teams will practice Tuesday March 1.
  • Boys 3/4 Development: You should receive an email soon from Coach Temple. If your registration has been accepted (not waitlisted), you are on this team.  First practice Tuesday March 8
  • Lightning Boys -- First session is March 18. Expect more email communication by March 5.
  • Girls Seniors, Juniors, Lightning: Your coaches will be emailing you (if you haven't already heard from them). If your registration has been accepted (not waitlisted), you are on the team.  Practice starts Monday February 28.
Boys senior rosters follow (Corrected Sunday 2/20).

Senior Black
Coach Cespedes
Beck, J.
Bonnett, T.
Boyer, S.
Carpenter, B.
Cespedes, W.
DeWeirdt, C.
Hall, A.
Hasenheyer, C.
Hineline, J.
Kurgan, D.
Larson, M.
Ross, D.
Schweitzer, A.
Shaw, M.
Szymanski, S.
Taaffe, S.
Vranizan, P.
Welch, J.
Whiteley, A.
Wuehler, D.
Senior Blue
Coach Johnston
Evans, T.
Maier, J.
Collins, J.
Tamblyn, G.
Callahan, J.
McNeil, R.
Mullens, C.
Waters, A.
West, N.
Cruz, L.
Lindahl, J.
Benson, L.
Dukelow, T.
Deaver, R.
Mitsui, P.
Batali, M.
Smith, S.
Surowiec, S.
Wilsey, A.
Jarvis, N.
Senior Gold
Coach Greenhall
Gunter, C.
Breeden, K.
Giannopulos, M.
Melton, M.
Ingham, M.
Egland, R.
Webb, S.
Quaranta, D.
Klansnic, C.
Herman, J.
Koomen, N.
Donohue, L.
O'Reilly, A.
Densley, K.
Greenhall, J.
Evans, A.
Jerue, J.
Volk, N.
Britt, S.
Senior Navy
Coach Breeden
Badiozamani, M.
Barrett, A.
Brennan, J.
Brown, M.
Cohen, J.
Combs, K.
Dondoyano, J.
Gittelman, B.
Heinrichs, J.
Hester, J.
Klima, A.
LeKressner, O.
Newkirk, G.
Reardon, S.
Rothwell, T.
Solomon, Z.
Stone, J.
Sullivan, S.
Wallum, M.
Bouwman, C.
Senior Silver
Coach Vermeulen
Cespedes, A.
Johnston, T.
Aguirre, T.
Burton, Z.
Harris, J.
Hartlein, N.
Cox, P.
Earll, A.
Krass, H.
Hutchings, A.
Berndt, M.
Bucy, J.
Evezich, N.
Kurtenbach, C.
Lanier, A.
Saffle, C.
Jansma, A.
Porter, B.
Kuberski, K.
Senior White
Coach Wiley
Brandt, K.
Bretl, J.
Burdekin, N.
Dua, R.
Elliott, A.
Emmel, N.
Horsfield, R.
Jarvis, G.
Jaske, K.
Lees, B.
Longmore, B.
Matthews, S.
Petterson, D.
Reed, H.
Sanders, C.
Singsaas, M.
Soldano, B.
Stanley, R.
Wagner, R.
Whitehead, Z.

Honor the Game!


  1. Awesome teams! It is going to be a great season!

  2. Today is Zach Burton's birthday...what a great present!