Friday, March 5, 2010

Parents & Players --

Tomorrow marks the first week of regular season games for the 2010 Lacrosse season. Good luck to all!

Our players have the privilege of playing lacrosse on excellent turf (synthetic) fields for many of their games, both home and away. Our teams' have home games at the City of Sammamish Skyline Community Fields, and at Issaquah Central Park in the Highlands. We must take care of these fields and treat them well, or we could lose our access to them. The rules for turf fields are very similar among all the facilities in our region, and these rules or their equivalent are posted at each field:

* No food or drink of any kind allowed on the turf, except water. This means no coffee, sports drinks, energy bars, fruit, etc. Water only.

* No animals on the field ever.

* Rubber cleats only. No metal cleats.

* Carry off what you carry on. Do not leave any water bottles, paper, clothing, etc.
Never walk on the field occupied by another group.

In addition, the City of Issaquah has an additional rule which we must strictly enforce for all games at Central Park:

* Spectators are not allowed on the turf before, during or after the game. Only players, coaches, and officials (including timers, spotters and scorekeepers) are allowed inside the fenced area. The spectator area for Central Park #5 (boys field) is at the far south end of turfed area along the low chain-link fence.

While these rules may cause you some slight inconvenience in the moment, losing access to the fields would be even worse and could be the consequence of our collective failure to honor the rules. So please do your part.

Good luck Saturday. Honor the Game!

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