Saturday, August 1, 2009

Action Requested for 2 All-Weather Turf Fields @ Eastgate

The City of Bellevue is now at a key point in their planning process for the Eastgate Area Properties and your input over the next few weeks can make a difference in the adoption of a 2-field or 1-field design for this important new park. There is a critical need for new all-weather turf fields for youth sports in our area and the planning efforts currently underway for the Bellevue Eastgate Properties, along with Beaver Lake Park in Sammamish, are two immediate opportunities to add field capacity.

Your input is important and makes a difference!! We need your support for Alternative A which provides for two all-weather turf fields.

You can learn more about the Eastgate Area Property by reviewing the Master Plan presentation given at the July 23rd Community Meeting and also be visiting the Park Planning website.

The City of Bellevue is taking additional public comment over the next 6 weeks and you do not have to be a Bellevue resident to speak up and make a difference for youth lacrosse. The message is simple:

  • Participation in youth sports programs is exploding regionally - especially Lacrosse!

  • Lacrosse season begins in February and is played in all weather conditions.

  • All-weather turf fields with lights are critically needed to meet growing demand.

  • Bellevue, Issaquah and Sammamish LAX programs are all part of the WA youth lacrosse East Region - and the teams play each other regularly.

  • Issaquah Youth Lacrosse is an active user of Robinswood and another Bellevue City Park like Robinswood would benefit both Bellevue residents and the larger regional sporting community.

YOU can send your comments to Pam Fehrman with the City of Bellevue. Indicate your support for Alternative A!

Make a difference!!

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